Little Update

so i thought I would do a little update on the Mission that I describe in an early post in full...i have completely enjoyed making this a challenge for myself to finish all of the books with their sequels that are in the Glassheart Chronicles... and now all i have left are Soul Quest, I Wish..., and The Understorey...it's looking pretty exciting because I'm thinking this impossible mission might actually be possible!...but i definitely have decided that I am not going to stop reading books from all of these AMAZING authors once school starts...i have grown addicted to reading and TV is just a bore right now because it can't draw me in like all of these authors have been able to...also I have to read all of the sequels that are coming out!!! Every Single book/series that I have read/started has a sequel that isn't out yet...so hopefully that will keep me pretty busy...the suspense of what's going to happen in all 5 of the series I have started is KILLING ME...so they need to come out soon...I can't believe I have only FOUR books left before I get to dive into The Glassheart Chronicles!!!