Interview: Priya Ardis

Today I have an interview with Priya Ardis to share with you!  Don't forget to check out the other posts this week and enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post.

Can you tell us about My Boyfriend Merlin in just a few words?
My Boyfriend Merlin is a young-adult Arthurian paranormal in which Merlin goes to high school to recruit candidates to pull the sword from the stone. One of the candidates turns out to be the girl he’s been crushing on.

What inspired you to write?
I’ve always loved reading, but stringing together words in a comprehensible story has been a challenge. I love it, of course. From the first moment I dared to say “What I would have done with this story is…” I’m lucky that there are other people out there who replied to my “What I…” with “Oh, I like that!”

Do you have a dream cast for this series?

Ah, the ultimate question. The pic below will illustrate what I picture the “Round Table” so to speak to be!

Did anything particularly surprise you during the writing process? 

Absolutely! The characters like to run all over the place. In mine, Vane was a particular challenge. He just wanted to take over the whole book! And apparently he did because he seems to be quite the favorite among the readers.

Are any of your characters based off people that you know? 

Ha. I’ll never tell…. Well, ok, I’ll spill. The answer is… no, not really. The characters are kind of a medley of people’s particular characteristics. For example, debaters in high school I knew who twirl their pencil a lot. You might see this trait come in somewhere!

Which of your characters would do best in The Hunger Games? And Why?

Vane is very Gale. He’s not the one in the limelight and he understands what needs to be done. Matt is very Peeta. He’s a bit secretive, a bit sweet, and a lot cute. As for Ryan, our heroine, I don’t think she quite fits as Katniss but she thinks she wants to and that’s the journey for her!
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  1. The more I see this book, the better it looks!!

  2. He He, Traci. That was my villainous plan!

  3. He He, Traci. That was my villainous plan!

  4. Looks interesting great interview

  5. I wonder which character would do the best if they were in the actual games..... hmm....

    Nice interview :)

  6. Ooh, a tough one question! Have to turn it back on itself...I wonder if Gale had been in the games how that would have turned out. To answer this for Merlin you'll have to read Book 3 :)

  7. Great interview! Just reading the past few posts makes me want this book a lot!

  8. thank you Tess for introducing a new book... i am loving the sound of the book... :)