Indie Read-A-Thon: Donations so far...come sign-up

Hey everyone! I thought I would share with you what you could win at the read-a-thon! You must be signed-up to win these prizes so what are you waiting for? fill out the form

If you need a little bit more convincing or you just want to get really excited about what you could win on the read-a-thon here is what we have so far!

Robynn Sheahan-books and posters
Chelsea Cameron- ebooks and bookmarks
Monique- ebook of Mr. Right and Other Mongrels
Addison Moore- Ecopy of Celestra 1-6 and Ephemeral 
Laura Vosika- signed copy of Blue Bells of Scotland
Liz Grace Davis- 2 eBook copies of Tangi's Teardrops
Jillian Eaton- Ecopy of Ever and Pitch
Dale Ibitz- Ecopies of Fire in the Blood
Samantha Adams- Ebook copy of Immortal Prophecy 
Nancy Straight- ecopies of Blood Debt
Suzanne van Rooyen- ecopy of Dragon's Teeth
Marysue Hobika- goody bags
Shannon McCrimmon- signed copy and ecopy of The Summer I Learned to Dive
Misty Provencher- ecopy of Cornerstone
Jennifer H. Westall- ecopies of Love's Providence
A.M. Hargrove- Ecopies of Resurrection and Determinant AND a $10 Amazon Gift Card
Taryn Browning- a signed uncorrected proof of Dark Seeker, e-copies of Whispering Hills and Emanare, and 2 signed bookmarks
Cyndi Tefft-Ebook copy of Between
Lee Zamloch-ebook of Catch the Sun
Lorhainne Eckhart-ebook copy of The Choice, Lost and Found, and The Forgotten Child
Deanna Nowadnick- Fruit of My Spirit: 3 books and 3 ebooks
Jessie Harrell-Destined swag - an ebook copy of the novel, signed bookmark, and button
Laura Eno- ecopy of My Enchanted Life and Immortal Desires
Mary Castillo- 5 ARCs of Lost in Light
Carolyn Brown- ecopies of He Came for Me
Debbie A. Heaton- copy of The Haunting of Wolfe Haven
Hillary Peak- paperback or ecopy of Wings of Hope
Annalise Grey- ecopies of Howl and After Dark
Shaunda Wenger
Amber Garr- Ecopy of the Syrenka Series
Camelia Miron Skiba- ecopies of Hidden Heart, A World Apart, and It's a Love Thing
Melanie Rose- signed copy of Ashford AND Violet Shadows
Reena Jacobs- books and SWAG
Carrie Ardoin- Winner's Choice- 2 books from Smashwords
Katie M. John- ecopies of the Knight Trilogy plus awesome SWAG
Heather Self-Ebook copy and signed copy of The One

A big THANK YOU to all the authors that have donated so far! We REALLY appreciate it! 
Authors, we are still looking for donations! We would love anything you can give! Also if you have given something and your name isn't on here let me know! 

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