Double Cover Reveal

Today I have two covers for you!  Both of these wonderful ladies are friends of mine so I'm super excited to be sharing the covers of Mary Smith's Melting Away the Ice and Michelle Nicole's Soul Survivor!  (Michelle's cover reveal was yesterday but I forgot!  SO SORRY Michelle, but I thought what better opportunity to share both of my pack-mates covers on the same day!)  Readers are you ready to see some awesome covers?!


Melting Away the Ice
by Mary Smith
Release Date July 1, 2013

Sara Smith, a hardworking lawyer, thought she found her true love. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake.  Now she goes home alone at night and avoids people. Until one day her best friend forces her to go to a hockey game.
Lucas Sharp, the Capitan of the Chicago Eagles, has focused on one thing, winning the Cup.  It was not until a meet and greet after a game that he saw Sara.
After finally going in a few dates Lucas knows that she is hiding something, but Sara won’t talk about it. Will Lucas be able to melt away the ice on her heart and still win the Cup? Or will Sara keep her true-self frozen away from finding happiness?

**This is an adult book with adult content**

Cover design: Bailey Ardisone


Mary Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois but is currently living in West Virginia with her amazing husband.  Mary never misses a Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears or a Chicago Bulls game.  She loves her sports.  Mary never goes anywhere without her Kindle, her laptop or a book in hand. If you can’t find her reading than she is reviewing books on her site, which she co-founded, Book Nerds Across America.


Review site: www.booknerdsacrossamerica.com 

And now for Michelle's cover.  Again  this cover was released yesterday and I was a terrible friend and didn't post it, but I HAD to have to it on the blog because it is seriously one of the coolest covers Ive ever seen!  Cant wait to hear what y'all think!

Soul Survivor
by Michelle Nicole
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 2013
Cover Designer: Okay Creations

Hailee Mai Hart is just a simple, normal girl. Or so she thought.

When she left her one-horse town for a college education in the big city, she never could've imagined what awaited her.

She's quickly thrown into a world filled with angels, danger, and a curse…her curse. Come to find out, she's not so simple after all. She's actually the last of her kind, and the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. She has one chance to save Earth, and it all comes down to one choice: Light or Darkness. What is right and what is wrong is all a matter of perspective, which leaves her heart dangerously tangled. No matter which path she takes people will die, and that's just not an option.

Will she be able to save everyone, or will she be the Soul Survivor?
 About the Amazing Author:

Michelle Nicole was born and raised in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia. She's holds both a bachelor's degree in accounting and an MBA. While her first passion is numbers, not long into adulthood, Michelle rediscovered her love of books and with it the joy and fulfillment of writing her own stories. She spends her days working as a CPA and her nights weaving tales of love, friendship, and everything in between.  
When she's not working or writing, you'll find her binge watching her favorite TV shows, reading, tweeting, hanging with her husband and furry children, 
or spending time with her close knit extended family.

Stalk Links:
Michelle's Blog


  1. Both covers are really great! Thanks for sharing them.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  2. Tess, you are not a horrible friend, you are an AMAZING one! Thanks so much for showing off Soul Survivor and what an honor to share the reveal with Mary! Ahh! I'm so excited! Thank you sooo much! ;)

  3. Nice, they both look great. :-)