The Awakening Review

The Awakening by Emma Jones
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Do you believe in vampires? Ghosts? The supernatural world?
Meet Lauren who instantly clicks with Gavin at a friend’s BBQ. Everything goes well until Lauren starts to experience strange things and hears a weird voice. It seems like a warning but from what? Lauren eventually makes the startling discovery that Gavin is a vampire and it has profound consequences for herself. The arrival of Daniel makes things even more confusing for Lauren as she is warned he is bad news from a ghostly source. Laurens life is turned upside down as things she thought were myths and legends become real and she struggles to cope with everything she has discovered.
Will Lauren and Gavin’s relationship survive and what about the mysterious Daniel?

I LOVED reading this book. First of all though, have to say, the cover for this book is one of my absolute favorites. The heart is so pretty and creative because of the vines in the middle. The vines, of course, hold three important names. If you didn't read the synopsis (go back and read it since it's right here for you)... anyways, you know that Lauren is going to have a choice to make. I loved the layout of this book and the storyline. At the beginning, I kept asking myself, " What is going on?" But, not in a bad way, I just had to know what was going on with Lauren and What was Gavin? I loved the fact that the story kept rolling. The concept of time was fast so that a month would go by really quick, which I was happy with because I wanted to figure out what was going on. I love Lauren and Gavin, however, we know that something or someone could effect relationships... hints: Daniel. This guys likes to stir things up and make things confusing for Lauren.  How will he affect Lauren and Gavin? How will he affect the whole story? Well, as usual, I'm not going to give it away. You'll have to read it.


  1. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it and loved the cover. Merry Christmas.

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