Amethyst Eyes Blog Tour: Interview

I got to interview the lovely Debbie for my stop on this Amazing blog tour! Have y'all been enjoying the blog tour so far?  If you haven't gotten a chance to join the tour yet HERE is the schedule!

If you could pick one song to be the theme song of your life, what would it be?
I love music, and identify with a lot of songs. Although I listen to everything from classical to rock, my favourite will always be country. My choice would be this one…and not about lost loves, but about the things in life that we can’t change.
LITTLE TEXAS - What Might Have Been       

If you could invent a Hallmark card what would it look like?
It would have to be a painting or picture of a log cabin, nestled in the Rocky Mountains with snow covered trees, and maybe a stream close by. Smoke curling slowly from the chimney and a family of deer nearby. The warmth and comfort of home.

What is the best comeback you have ever given?
I was asked to give a martial arts demonstration. Some macho guy walks up to me (I’m 5’31/2”…) gets uncomfortably close and towers over me. He asks with a sneer, “Do you really think you can take me?” Then he looks around at the people nearby, with a smug look on his face.
I only had a fraction of a second to react, so I stood my ground and stared him right in the eyes. Never taking my eyes from his, I asked him in a cool, level voice, “Do you really want to know?”
Not the answer he was expecting…because he looked away, did an about face and left. Boy was I relieved! 

If you were stuck on an island and could only bring one fictional character with you, who would it be?
Two-Feathers, or maybe Omni.

If you could go on an all expense paid trip to anywhere, where would you go?
Although there are other places I personally would like to see, sitting here in the snowy winter conditions I’d choose Florida. A fun, family vacation with my husband and kids would be nice…the beach, Disney, Sea World and then the Harry Potter theme park. 

Thank you Debbie for stopping by and answering these questions! It was a delight!  Now here is where you can find Debbie and her book Amethyst Eyes!

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  1. Nice interview! I found your blog through the FBL interview - I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. great questions. Love the martial arts story..LOL

  3. Great interview, Debbie! Good luck with your book.

  4. great interview Debbie and Tess.

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