#CleanUpTBRPile Hottie

The first book I finished for the read-a-thon was Awry by Chelsea Fine so for the Hottie challenge I picked Tristan! 

"Tristan appeared in his bedroom doorway, looking as sexy as ever.  Bare chest, jeans hung low on his waist, loose hair.  Stretching around his hip and ribcage was the dark tattoo that reminded Scarlet of a love shared long ago." location 6655 Awry

So what do y'all think? Isn't he the hotness? If you haven't read the Archers of Avalon series you really need to and I just found out today from Chelsea's blog that it has been option for film!!!


  1. I am running to check into this book ~ sounds hot! Speaking of hot...who is the hotness in the photo?

  2. He really is. AND Chelsea has sold the tv/film rights to this series as well :D