Enchanted Outtakes

For today we have an awesome deleted scene from Enchanted! Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post!

Buying a bathing suit proved to be somewhat of an ordeal.
“Come on Channie, at least try it on and let me see how it looks.” Josh gave her his sad puppy look. “All the girls around here wear bikinis.”
“I’m not from around here.” Channie pushed the offending garment away then crossed her arms over her chest. “And I’m not gonna parade around in front of everyone in skimpy underwear!” 
“I keep telling you, this isn’t underwear.” Josh tried to hand her a hanger with three tiny triangles of red cloth. “It’s swimwear.”
“And I keep telling you, I ain’t no whore.”
A sales lady that looked to be about Nanna’s age cleared her throat. She glanced around then whispered, “Sports Authority, on the other side of the mall, has a nice selection of modest swimwear.” 
Josh rolled his eyes and snorted. 
The wrinkles around the woman’s mouth deepened. She glanced at Josh with narrowed eyes. But her expression softened when she leaned towards Channie. A wave of homesickness washed over her when she inhaled. The old lady even smelled like Nana -- lilacs and talcum powder. She wrapped her fingers around Channie’s wrist. “Don’t let anyone pressure you into wearing anything you don’t want to wear … or doing anything you don’t want to do.”
The sales lady was right about Sports Authority. They had several racks of one-piece swimsuits to choose from. They still revealed a lot more than Channie was comfortable with, and a hell of a lot more than Momma or Daddy would have allowed. But after looking at what the other stores had to offer, Channie decided the clingy one-piece racing suits were a good compromise.
She “modeled” three different swimsuits for Josh. He chose the bright red one. Channie liked the blue one better, but she figured the least she could do was let Josh pick out the color since she wasn’t letting him pick out the style.
When Josh paid for her swimsuit, Channie nearly fainted. It never occurred to her to look for a price tag. 
Channie tugged on Josh’s sleeve. “It’s too expensive.” 
He blew air through his lips like a bored horse. “Don’t worry about it. I have plastic.”
“You have a job?”
Josh’s face reddened. “Actually, my dad pays the bill. He wants me to focus on school and racing. That’s my job.”
“Won’t he get mad when he sees how much you spent?”
“The only time he’s even mentioned the bill was when I bought a new bike without asking first. As long as I keep it under a thousand a month, he doesn’t care.”
Channie’s jaw dropped. A thousand dollars a month would support at least three families back home. This was just egg money to Josh. No wonder he could afford to pay Elijah to keep his mouth shut. Damn.
Josh signed the slip of paper and handed Channie the bag with her new swimsuit. “You wanna go get some dessert before we leave?”
The boy gets a thousand dollars a month to spend however he wants. Hell yes, I want dessert.

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