Guest Post: Dream Villain Cast

Today is the Guest Post of Epicness!  Shauna has put together her dream cast of villains! Enjoy & Don't forget the giveaway at the bottom of the post!
Everyone always wants to know who the author would want to play their characters. Now, to be honest, no one ever hits it right on the head – I mean, we see these “people” in our heads and they’re real to us, no one quite measures up. We always think of the main characters, the good guys usually, but I thought it would be fun to do up a dream cast of my villains.  You can check out my dream cast of the “good guys” in this post: Dream Cast: Who Would I Have Play My Characters? 

In book one, Earth, we really only have one villain: Ian
I needed someone who had striking eyes as he is the twin brother of Shayna’s love interest and his eyes are the one quality Shayna can’t seem to get over. He needed to be tall and masculine with sharp facial features. Alex Pettyfer hit all of those qualities.

In book two, Air, we have two villains, the anti-hero, Jeremy and the crazy Sylph.
Jeremy is a haunted young boy, bullied and neglected his whole life, but you know, with a little love, there is something there. You know Jeremy should be more than he is. When I saw this picture of Cameron Bright I saw Jeremy’s eyes looking out at me. And remembering his creepy role in Birth I think he could pull it off.

As for the sylph, I needed someone ethereally beautiful and yet strong at the same time. This is probably one of the hardest roles for me to cast as no one quite hits the mark for me, I would saw Annasophia Robb, but I picked her for Jodi (though the two characters look A LOT alike) but gun to my head I’d say Emily Tennant. I don’t know much about her acting chops, but she has just the right look.

  In book three, Water, our main villain is a megalomaniac water nymph, a mermaid gone wrong. This one is very hard because it’s a totally fantastical creature. Then I saw the perfect picture. I never thought this actress would work but then I saw a particular picture and it hit me in the gut! Amanda Seyfried just looks like the nymph.
This is the picture that hit me:

Now check her out after I give her the water nymph makeover:

I mean, RIGHT?!?
I really expected to see some beautiful brunette as my nymph, but that was just uncanny. But I would say the second runner up would be Alexa Vega:
Not bad either, right?

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  1. I love the actor pics, and Amanda Seyfried is dead-on! I am with you though, it would be very hard to cast these roles... I would only cast actors who were like-minded, which might narrow the selection, but if they "believe" it would give a new depth to the acting in the films.

  2. Awesome choices! Some of these are so close, it's scary!

  3. Oh my Ian! Ahem.. I mean.. Oh, forget it! He's HOT!!
    If this is the cast, I can't wait to read this series!