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Today is my stop on the Allegiance tour!!! 
I have for you a Guest Post from K.A. Tucker :)  She wrote it on her beautiful book covers!
Enjoy and if you haven't added Allegiance to your goodreads TBR you should totally do it!
Allegiance (Causal Enchantment, #3)

About the Covers

Thank you to My Pathway to Books for hosting me today! I'm here to talk about the covers of the Causal Enchantment series. First off, I'll tell you that I had a fantastic cover artist, Carl Graves from Extended Imagery, come up with these (he also did the cover for my upcoming New Adult release, Ten Tiny Breaths).  Basically, I provide him with a cover brief to give him some guidance, my likes/dislikes, etc and he works his magic. He's brilliant. He's hit the mark every single time.

ANATHEMA: What I love most about this cover is how the calla lily - a beautiful, sophisticated flower - cocoons Evangeline. This is symbolic of the world she is welcomed and swathed in. Yet, the blood dripping down the seam hints at something dark and foreboding. Why is she blue? I've heard people ask that question. Again, it's symbolic of the pendant's blue light when Evangeline discovers the secret to bringing Caden, etc back from Ratheus. One of my requirements was a cover that pops with color and contrast. The mix of yellow and blue against black is perfect.

ASYLUM: Creating the subsequent covers, Graves had the challenge of ensuring they all flowed while each stood out on their own. With this cover, he kept the blue and yellow color scheme, while introducing some orange and setting it all against white vs black. Again, Evangeline is the focal point and this time she's wrapped in flame instead of the flower. This is tied to a pivotal scene with the Walking Death Tribe.

ALLEGIANCE: I asked Graves to go with a variation of the color scheme here and so he incorporated the purple to reflect the magic that courses through Evangeline. What I like about this cover is that there is more to it than just Evangeline. Now we get a sense that she has a huge impact on the world (s). As the series unfolds, the reader learns that the story is about more than just keeping Evangeline alive. I think this cover hints at that well.

Book 4 cover? Good question. I'm still mulling over the name. I know that it needs to properly reflect the devastating situation they're in. That's all I know J I'm as excited to see what Graves comes up with as you all are.

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