picture stolen from SupaGurl :D 

so I just had to tell you about my weekend at YALL FEST
I got to meet up with SupaGurl Heather, Michele (co-blogger for SupaGurl Books) and the AMAZING Nancy Straight!!! 

as always Heather and I have a Vlog for you because that's what we do when we get together.  This time Michele joined us and I think it's the best one yet!

so here is our craziness for your viewing pleasure...and yes, I have red hair tips and Heather has only 5 different colors in her hair.  We are stilling working on converting Michele :)

Giveaway Time!!! 

We picked up some bookmarks and stuff for you at the Festival so one lucky winner will win all those goodies!

Also check out Heather's post, she actually thought of taking pictures!

fill out the rafflecopter to be entered into the giveaway!

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  1. Man, I really really wanted to go to Yall Fest but I couldn't go :( Maybe next time!!!!! It looks like it was a ton of fun. Also, Thanks for the giveaway!!! :D