Branded by K.L. Hawker

Seventeen-year-old Jake Rovert has never known the feeling of a broken bone or a lasting scar—he’s a healer, one of very few in the world with this rare gift.

Joining an elite group of Gifted Ones from his high school, Jake is quickly propelled into a life of secrets and training to enhance his gift. He becomes the healer they have been waiting for.

They didn’t expect him to fall in love.
He didn’t expect to be forbidden to be with her.
And no one expected him to risk it all to get her back.

Branded is the first novel in this easy-to-read, ready-to-love young adult trilogy

I very much enjoyed this book. It’s a nice young adult book that is well written. We follow Jake as he becomes one of the “Gifted Ones” and as he learns about his gift. Then we get to see him fall in love and how much he is willing to risk to be with the one he loves even though it is forbidden. Stay tuned for more information about the sequel STRANDED!

K.L. HAWKER is a Canadian author writing young adult novels with colourful plots and memorable characters. When she's not hiding away in her corner of the world to write, Hawker can be found spending time with her family and friends. Aside from writing, her other interests include photography, martial arts and playing the piano. Hawker resides with her husband, three children and faithful Golden Retriever in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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