The Ascended Blog Hop: Author Interview & Giveaway!

Welcome to My Pathway to Books stop on The Ascended blog hop! 

I am so honored to be a part of this fun blog tour Tiffany has set up for her last book in The Saving Angles Series.  She has also set up this rockin awesome GIVEAWAY! You can find more details at the bottom. 

I tried to ask Tiffany some pretty random questions since she was a little tired of the typical ones: By now I think we all know what Tiffany's favorite book/movie/life obsession ;) is (It's Harry Potter, if you didn't know).  I hope these aren't too crazy and I hope you enjoy the interview (I know I did)! 

Most Embarrassing Thing Ever Done in Public 
Answering a question that I thought was directed at me. Eek so embarrassing!

Best Compliment you Ever Got: 
Every time someone says they liked my books. It is by far the best compliment ever.

Best Comeback you Gave 
Hahaha I’m sure I’ve had at least one but usually my great comebacks come after the fact.

If you could invent a Hallmark card what would it look like
Something comedy related for sure since I’m the biggest jokester ever :)

Night or morning person 
Um is it wrong to say both?? I get up early because work requires it but for the most part I’m always cheerful when I wake up. On the other hand, I love staying up late reading and watching movies which makes getting up in the morning a little harder.

Favorite Flavor Poptart 
I have two favorite flavors: I love chocolate ones for breakfast and strawberry ones for dessert.

Best Breakfast Cereal 
Cocoa Puffs for sure :o) 

Favorite Olympic Sport 
Running (even though I suck at it).

What Kind of Toothpaste do you like best 
Aquafresh is my favorite, it’s minty fresh ;o)

Favorite color nail polish 
Pink, pink, pink, pink and more pink Hehehe.

Now for the good stuff the prizes:
1)     Regular prizes (boring): Every 3 days, I will pull the names of people that have left comments on the previous 3 blogs and will do a random drawing for an ebook of one of The Saving Angels books. Over the course of the 24 day blog hop 8 ebooks will be given out.
2)     Grand Prizes (woot woot): For every person that leaves a comment on one of the blogs they will be entered in to win a signed poster of one of my book covers. 3 posters in all will be given out (one of each of the book covers). I will also be giving away a signed set of all three books so you will have 4 different chances to win a grand prize. Extra entries will be given out for every blog you leave a comment on, so if you visit all 24 blogs you will have 24 entries into the grand prize drawing (eek).
Since your going to want to leave comments at all the stops so you can win the Grand Prize I took the liberty to leave all the links below...
December 4th Courtney Cole http://courtneycolewrites.wordpress.com/
December 5th M. Leighton http://mleightonbooks.blogspot.com/
December 6th Magical Urban Fantasy Readshttp://www.magicalurbanfantasyreads.com/
December 7th Nichole Chase http://nicholechase.blogspot.com/
December 8th Two Chicks on Bookshttp://twochicksonbooks1.blogspot.com/
December 9th The Autumn Review http://www.autumnreview.com/
December 10th Shelly Crane http://shellycrane.blogspot.com/
December 12th Jennifer Snyder http://jennifersnydersblog.blogspot.com/
December 13th Devyn Dawson http://www.devyndawson.com/
December 14th Laura Elliot http://www.authorlaura.com/
December 15th fiktshun http://www.fiktshun.com/fiktshun/
December 16th Bookish Babeshttp://www.thebookishbabes.blogspot.com/
December 17th Tess Watson http://tessmw.blogspot.com/
December 18th Megan Duncan http://meganduncan.blogspot.com/
December 19th Hey it’s Fishy http://omgitsfishy.blogspot.com/
December 20th Abbi Glines http://www.abbiglines.com/
December 21st C.A Kunz http://www.cakunz.blogspot.com/
December 22nd Teenage Reader http://teenagereader.com/
December 23rd Secret Lives of Fiction Lovershttp://secretlivesoffictionlovers.wordpress.com/
December 24th Michelle Muto http://michellemuto.wordpress.com/
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th Amy Jones http://amyjonesyaff.blogspot.com/
December 27th Fisher Amelie http://www.fisheramelie.com/
December 29th Sean Hayden http://www.seanhayden.org/
If you want to join me in stalking Tiffany here is how you can do it!
      Twitter~ @AuthorTiffany 
Here is The Saving Angles Series on Amazon
      Meant To Be
      Forgotten Souls
      The Ascended
AND check out my REVIEW of The Ascended HERE


  1. Um you had no comments and now you do rofl

  2. I know the famous Tiffany King and Tess I love your blog. I learn more about Tiffany everyday! Did I tell you I love her books :) will have to stop by your blog more often, love the color green so soothing. Talk to you later!

  3. I hate it when you think someone is talking to you and then you answer...so embarrassing...oohhh...i heart strawberry pop tarts...they're yummy :)

  4. Crazy interview! The questions were really funny lol The author sounds like a very un person.

  5. great interview!! Running? sheesh Tiffany thats about as boring as watching golf! ;)