Excerpt: My Boyfriend Merlin

Here is an excerpt from My Boyfriend Merlin by Priya Ardis!  Make sure you enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post!

“I can’t believe you even let that jerk near you,” Alexa said as she hurried us down the hallway. “After the way he treated you—”
“It was only two dates,” I muttered.
Alexa snorted. “He texted you to break up. How weak is that?”
“I text all the time,” I defended.
The hallways of Acton-Concord High were crowded with kids. Everyone took the few minutes in between class to check their phones that were supposed to be kept in the lockers. It was the one rule I couldn’t make myself follow. I couldn’t bear to be parted from my scheduler and with all the activities and clubs I’d signed up for, on top of taking a full AP course load, a paper scheduler just did not work for me.
My phone vibrated in my pocket. “We’re going to be late.”
Alexa rolled her eyes. “Do you sleep with that thing?”
We ran across a small courtyard, barely glancing at the gloomy sky outside to a side entrance of the gym that led directly to the girl’s locker room. Alexa stopped just at the door.
“Grey and I just want to look out for you, Ry. You’ve had a tough year. Don’t think we don’t know you still have nightmares?”
My jaw dropped open. “You hear me?”
Alexa’s generous lips turned down into a sad smile. “We’re on the same floor and you’re not exactly quiet.” Her perfectly symmetrical eyes narrowed. “And I’m not letting Emrys take advantage of my way too sweet sister.”
I felt my cheeks heat. The white knight routine happened to me a lot. The combination of possessing a petite frame, curly blond hair, and big eyes seemed to land me in the role of the damsel in distress every time. They all thought I needed rescuing.
But it wasn’t like I was a basketcase. Well, not totally. I sighed. “Let me remind you that when your mom adopts me, you’re officially going to be my little sister.”
“Only by age.” Alexa snorted.
I opened the door to the gym. “I can handle Matt—or anyone else for that matter.”
Alexa raised curved eyebrows. “Really? Have you picked the Prom theme yet?”
“It’s a committee decision,” I defended.
“It’s your committee.” 
I chewed my lip. “What if everyone hates what I pick?”
Alexa went into the locker room. “You can’t please everyone.”
“I just want it to be perfect,” I muttered before following her in.
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