Interview: Emma Mills


What inspired you to write Witchblood?
I wrote Witchblood after reading and loving several other American YA paranormal fiction series including Twilight, and at the time I thought there was a gap in the market for a British inspired version. I have also had a long love affair with everything wiccan and witchy, so I wanted to try and merge the two themes together.
Did you notice any differences writing Witchcraft? Was it easier? 
It wasn’t necessarily easier writing Witchcraft, but it was definitely quicker! Witchblood took me 9mths to write because my little boy was too young for school. Then it took another year before I learnt how to edit it and re-wrote it! Hopefully this time I have learnt from the mistake I made in my first draft of Witchblood and it will be ready to publish on time, on June 25th. This means I will have written, edited and published in 6mths.
What is your favorite part of the writing process?
I guess my favourite part of the writing process is just getting so sucked into the story that it becomes a part of me. I think about my characters and what is going to happen at night and have trouble switching off, but they have become so real…it’s great! Editing and proof reading is the boring bit J
What differences should readers expect from your book since you're from the UK as opposed to an author from elsewhere? 
Well, I read  lot of American fiction and I personally love the differences and hopefully Americans are the same reading British books. I suppose, as I don’t have an American editor to change all my spellings and colloquialisms that you may come across different spellings and word usage, but that’s the variety of life!
What is your Witchblood dream cast?
Ooo that’s a fun question…

Jess – This is really tricky… maybe Carey Mulligan or Romola Garai (I’m going with British actresses here!)
Luke – Zac Effron
Daniel – Rodrigo Santoro
Eva – Mila Kunis
Sebastian – Thorin Oakenshield
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