Character Interview: Robbie

I think today is my favorite day of all!  I'm so excited to share with you my interview with Robbie from Redheads are Soulless!  He is just so smexy!  Anyway I hope y'all enjoy and enter that giveaway!

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High school senior, Sofia Black, has had a very hard life. Since her father's death 7 years ago, she has had to look after her drug addicted, alcohlic mother. School isn't any better for her either. The other kids constantly tease, and ridicule her. All she wants is to get out of her small hometown in Alabama.

When new student, Jason, shows up, Sofia's world is turned upside down. She doesn't understand why he wants to befriend her so badly... And, just when she thinks she can trust him, trouble appears.

Jason's twin brother, Robbie, moves into town, and things go haywire. Sofia is now running for her life - and Jason is forced to share hidden secrets with her. She learns the truth about her father's death, and finds out that she may not be as "human" as she once thought. She struggles to accept her fate, while fighting for her life.

Okay fangirls here is the deal...I know you all fell in love with Robbie when you read Redheads are Soulless so I asked him to come grace us with his shirtless presence today...I really do hope he comes shirtless, but if he doesn't I guess that will be okay too...anyway I think he just arrived *SQUEEE* ...okay must contain my fangirl tendencies while he's here...I have to appear professional, right? *goes to open door*

*robbie walks in with his shirt off, abs glowing in the light* Tess! I've heard so much about you from Heather! It's so good to meet you!

*forgets to breathe* *stares* Ummmmmmmm *where's a kitkat bar when you need one!* Hi *sigh* *really Tess? that's all you could come up with* uh nice to meet you too *goofy smile*

*slowly puts on shirt* Sorry. I guess that was too distracting *wink*

*heart rate slightly decreases* okay so I guess I should ask you questions now…I hear you're starring in a book coming soon? Can you tell us more about I Belong with You?

Sure. In Redheads are Soulless I know I look pretty shady. I really wanted the opportunity to share my side of the story. Also, there is a lot of stuff that wasn't reveal to Sofie in book 1. I believe the readers would really benefit from being inside my head... Plus, who doesn't want in my head? 

Yah I definitely can't wait to see what's in your head. Can you give us a glimpse? What do you think about Sof- your favorite thing about her?

Sofia is amazing. After everything she's been through, she can still hold her head up and smile. My favorite thing about her is definitely her strength. And of course, her hair ;)

Aww how sweet! What about the flip side what about sof irks you?

Well, honestly, any time that she was with Jason! I know, I know! I'm a jealous fool, but I just can't help it with Sofia. She's special, and she deserves somebody equally as awesome. 

So I guess you're not really a fan of your brother...

I am absolutely not a fan of my brother, which you find out as you read Redheads are Soulless *winks*. I actually haven't spent much time with my brother over the past thousand years. We were always so different.

A thousand years?! Wow! You sure have been around for quite awhile! What's your favorite past time?

Well, now any time spent with Sofia is my favorite. Before her, I spent a lot of time playing guitar... It's quite amazing how one song can change the way you feel. You can go from hurt to happy. From angry to excited. Music can change your life, if you let it.

Ooooo guys that can play the guitar are hot! Well on that note Thank you Robbie for your time and your shirtless body.  Hope to see you soon! 

It was my pleasure! Thanks for having me. 

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  1. I haven't read Redheads are soulless so, I don't really can't decide if I like him yet. ;) He sounds pretty hot though. :)

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