Guest Post: Suzanne Lilly

Whatever Happened to Your Very First Car?
Guest post by Suzanne Lilly

I never had a car until after high school. Writers blog about their first cars all the time, and almost always there’s a comment about how they tricked it out and gave their friends rides to and from school. I wasn’t so lucky. I was already married and living in an apartment that was walking distance from most everything we needed. But we were having our first baby, so my husband decided we needed a car.

He decided this without talking to me about it.

He decided to buy a big car. Again, without talking to me about it. I despise big cars.

He thought, “The bigger the better. It’s safer for my family.” So he drove home a huge, ugly green Chrysler Newport, like the one in this picture.
Horrified? I was too. I almost cried when I saw it. Driving it was akin to steering a yacht down the city streets.

As safe as the car probably would be in an accident, it wasn’t reliable. It started having problems and stalling at inconvenient times and places. One night it stalled as we were driving to his parents’ house for dinner. We didn’t have phones with us, so we ended up walking a couple of miles to their house. With the baby. His dad drove us back to our car and got it running again.

One day, I took my daughter to a well-baby appointment, and afterwards, the car wouldn’t start. I was stranded for a couple of hours with a tired and cranky baby on a hot summer afternoon. My relationship with Mr. Chrysler was quickly heading downhill.

Later that month, the car stalled in the middle of a busy intersection. Thank goodness the baby wasn’t with me that time. I had to push the car to the side of the road while angry drivers honked their horns at me. That was the day I decided to break up with Ugly Green Chrysler.

I got it running somehow and drove it home. The minute I walked into the apartment, I called a local junk car dealer and asked him to pick up the car. For free. “Just take it away,” I told him. He arrived about an hour later and towed the car. He must have felt sorry for me, because he paid me $50 for that hiedeous hunk of steel.

It was the best impulse decision I ever made.

That ugly old car probably got parted out to many different people restoring their classic Chryslers. Maybe pieces of it ended up in this beauty.

My personal horror story prompted me to give the heroine in my book a cute car. A Volkswagen Jetta. The local car mechanic is a friend of hers, and he helps her trick it out. Here’s how I picture Mariah’s car.
Cute, right? I won’t tell you what happens to it, because that would spoil my story, Shades of the Future. You can download a sample of the book at my Amazon Author Page. During the month of July to celebrate the book launch, I’m giving away a pair of designer sunglasses to one commenter on one of my blog posts.

In the meantime, do you want to share? Whatever happened to your first car?

About Suzanne Lilly
Suzanne Lilly is a writer at night and a teacher by day, which is why she’s known online as the TeacherWriter. Her articles and stories have appeared in numerous places online and in print. She writes contemporary young adult romance and middle grade novels. When not busy with words, she enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, fine arts, and cooking. She lives in California with her family and furry friends and has yet to feel an earthquake. You can follow her on Twitter as @suzannelilly, visit her TeacherWriter blog, at her Suzanne Lilly Author website, or friend her on Goodreads, and on Facebook.

Her debut novel, Shades of the Future, published by Turquoise Morning Press, is available July 2012. What would you do if you could see your future? What you think is “the gift” may actually be a curse.


  1. Alas, my first car died of old age. It was a lovely 1976 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon with simulated wood-grain panels and an AM radio. I went to school with kids who drove new Corvettes and IROC Z-28s. They had to wait until I pulled the land yacht out of my assigned parking spot to be able to leave the lot. :)

  2. I still have my first car, er, van. Yep. I drive a van. I'm a 29 year-old woman driving a soccer mom van . . . without the kids and the husband. I didn't get my Forrest (Ford Windstar) until I graduated from university with my first degree (six years ago). He belonged to my parents before I took over custody after paying a hefty 6 thousand for him. But he was worth every penny. He may not be a smart van, but he knows what love is. Whenever I get inside Forrest I say to him, "Are you ready to hit the road?" And he says to me, "I just feel like runninguhhhh!" :D

  3. Hi Margaret! Your car sounds about the same size as my Chrysler. It was a real treat trying to park it, wasn't it. I just went to a car show yesterday, and saw some Chryslers, but I didn't see a Country Squire wagon. I remember those, though!

    Hi Evelyn! You still have your first car! You know what it takes to make a relationship work. :-)

  4. I ordered my first car (Nisson something or other) with the first $100 I earned on first real job. To keep in the theme of "firsts" I ordered it with a manual transmission. Which I did not know how to drive. When the car came the salesman handed me the keys and I gave them to my dad explaining I didn't know how to drive a stick shift. He asked why I ordered one. I told him it was the only way I'd learn how. He asked me out after the deal was done. Said he'd never met anyone with such creative "spunk." Didn't work out, but he drove an awesome BMW convertible sportscar I enjoyed riding in while it lasted!

  5. What a great story! Did the salesman teach you how to drive a stick?

  6. Thanks so much for having me on you blog today Tess!

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