Decatur Book Festival

Okay so I was going to do a Vlog about my awesome time at Decatur Book Festival but I am BURNED and look terrible so you will just have to deal with my fan-girling typed out! :D 

I don't even know where to start! I met and saw A LOT of fantastic people today!  It was really a fun-filled GREAT day! 

The first booth was Tiffany King and C.A. Kunz or what I like to call it- the booth of awesome! (seriously if anyone gets pics of this booth you have to check out their awesome set-up!)  
If you haven't read Tiffany King's books, first of all where have you been? second of all go get them now!!! They are all so awesome but currently her newest, Unlikely Allies, is my FAVORITE so go get it because it's awesome!  AND C.A. Kunz aka Carol and Adam are 2 of the sweetest, genuine authors you will EVER meet! I LOVE them SO much!!! Oh and I'm super excited about their new book The Modified!!! and you can never go wrong with The Childe (pronounced child but I like to say Chil-DE)!!!

Booth #2 
S.R. Johannes, Amy Jones, Michelle Muto, and Jessie Harrell
ALL wonderful ladies!!!
Right now Jessie Harrell and I are working on an AWESOME Indie Revolution week in the near future AND Brittni (my co-blogger) is working with Michelle Muto on an AWESOME Indie Revolution week!
AND now I have Untouchable by S.R. Johannes and Soul Deep by Amy Jones for review so be looking out for that because I'm excited to read both of those!

Booth #3
Charlotte Abel, Nancy Straight, and Kris Kendall (Final Edits)
This was my fan-girl table!!! I LOVED the Channie series (by Charlotte Abel) and the Destiny series (by Nancy Straight) so I was pretty EXCITED about meeting them! AND they are both SUPER SWEET and I LOVE THEM!

Booth #4
The super long booth that included Amy Bartol, Georgia Cates, Heather Self, K.A. Tucker, and Ella James!
This would be my TBR booth (except for Heather Self because I have read The One and IT IS AMAZING!!!!) Now I have ALL of these lovely ladies books and I Freakin' can't wait to read them!!!

AND now to conclude the awesome...I got to see my partners in crime!!!
Heather from SupaGurl Books
Brittni from Britt's Kick-Butt Blog 
were there and I LOVE THEM! because we are crazy together! and when I talk about fictional characters like they are real people they don't look at me strange! <3

so that was my awesome Decatur Book Festival Trip! If you want to see pictures check out Heather's twitter @SPNHeather...she took em all! 


  1. Tess, I'm still excited that I finally got to meet you!!! Even if you got your sunburn at a football game before the festival!!! LOL!

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  3. Tess, You absolutely rock!!!! :)

  4. It was so cool to meet you, too! Indie friendly bloggers (like you) are my heroes! Thanks for helping make Decatur so much fun. I hope to see you again soon.

    1. pshh authors that can weave stories like you can are my heroes! ...hopefully at UtopYaCon 2013!!! :D

  5. It was so great to finally meet you Tess!!!

  6. so great to meet you in person -- I LOVE THIS BLOG!

    1. Thank you so much Jessie! That means a lot!