#IndieReadAThon Conclusion

Hello fellow addicted readers!  The read-a-thon is now over (even though giveaways are still going on) and I really hope you all had a good time.  This was my and Claire's first time trying this out and we really had no idea how it was going to go so I hope it wasn't a total screw up!  I have a few announcements to close us up!

First: Make sure you fill out THIS FORM for how many pages you read.  Even if you don't think you read the most fill it out because a few authors offered to give an ebook to everyone that participated and I will be using your emails from this form to give them! :)

Second: Challenge 1 is still open (I'm going to be posting my teaser at the end of this post from the only book I read this weekend :) The winner of this challenge will get ebooks and a $10 Amazon GC.  The challenge ends tonight at 11:59 EST.

Third: Claire has IndieReadAThon giveaways going on at her blog that you should really check out!!!

Fourth: At the beginning of the weekend I had you comment on THIS POST with your beginning posts.  Now you can comment on it with an ending post (what books you were able to read, what you won etc.) and you will get +3 entries into that giveaway.  A $10 Amazon GC will be up for grabs for this challenge too!

Here is my Teaser Post

This weekend I read Blood Debt by Nancy Straight and it was AMAZING!!! Everyone should really go and get it IMMEDIATELY :) Anyway so there is this guy in it ;) his name is Drake and he's going to be my teaser hottie!

Here is his description from Camille's perspective: "my eyes took him in.  I was wearing shoes with at least a 3 inch heel, and he still towered over me.  His eyes were ice blue-almost turquoise.  His dark blonde hair was short, and although impossible to see his frame through his tux, his body took on a "V" shape with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.  A great smile spread on his face."

I don't think I got him exactly right but in my short look for him there just wasn't anyone good enough...so Chad Michael Murray is Hot so he got picked to play Drake.
Chad Michael Murray
Now for the teaser ;) "The words were no sooner out of my mouth when I felt my feet lifted off the ground and wind against my face.  I saw nothing but a blur of trees and bushes for five full seconds until I was gently put back on the ground. The sensation had been so foreign my senses couldn't give me a good explanation of what had just happened.  My feet were firmly back on the ground, my body upright, and two warm hands were on each of my shoulders.  I looked up into the eyes of the person who had flown with me at ground level.  It was the third time I'd seen those light blue eyes tonight: Drake stared down into mine.  His hands on my shoulders were warm; he was close enough that I drank in his cologne."

What do you think? This is the first occurrence of some VERY SWOONY moments!  I didn't want to share the others because I wanted you to be able to experience them yourself within the book!

Mini Giveaway
INT e-copy of Blood Debt 
(depending on how many entries we have, I may up the prize to multiple copies or a paperback)
ends September 17th (a week from today)
To Enter:
add Blood Debt to your Goodreads TBR and if you can, link me to it. if not just give me your Goodreads name...also what do you think about the teaser? :) 

Thank You So Much Everyone that participated!!! This wouldn't have been an awesome read-a-thon without you! 


  1. Very nice! Might be getting some action soon maybe?
    You can find my 'to-read' list here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/7591340-sarah?format=html&order=d&shelf=to-read&sort=date_added
    Warning - it is ridiculously long..........

  2. This was so fun! I really hope you guys have one again soon! =D

  3. Are you a One Tree Hill fan?

    I posted about the Indiereadathon on my blog.

  4. Replies
    1. I can't believe I forgot to link it SORRY! It's linked now and here it is https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFg0U1p0U0ZRX21sU2p3SWJvckFiclE6MQ#gid=0

  5. Thank you! I think you guys did a wonderful job for your first time! I'm definitely in for another one if do one!

  6. Drake does sound pretty swoony! I've added Blood Debt to my to-read Goodreads shelf: