#IndieReadAThon Challenge

Okay are you ready for a challenge?!

Challenge #1
Do a blog post (if you don't have a blog just post it in the comments) of a teaser of one of the books that you read or are reading this weekend!
+3 for blog post (or comment) 
+2 for hot guy picture along with you post
+1 for every comment that you get on your blog post

How does that sound?
Posts must be up by midnight tonight but the winner won't be chosen until tomorrow (9/10) at 11:59pm so you can be collecting comments until then! :D 


  1. I (@miliminni) am reading The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton
    here's the teaser: "I crossed my arms behind his neck, and his heartbeat quickened against the inside of my forearms. He planted several soft kisses along my jaw, his fingers playing across my collarbone. Anticipation robbed me of my breath, and my heart leapt to my throat."

  2. http://pinterest.com/pin/151292868702890432/

    Here's my hottie :)

  3. http://disincentive-reviews.blogspot.com/2012/09/67-indie-read-athon-3-challenge.html

    here it is. c:

  4. http://sarahelizabethsbookshelf.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/indiereadathon-challenge.html
    Here's mine!

  5. Here is my blog post:


  6. My teaser from Stitch by Samantha Durante:

    If she hadn't felt that attraction to Isaac, she probably would have reacted to the ghost by moving to a different dorm, just as any normal person would have done...

  7. Here my Teaser-Hottie post :http://booksdownmypillow.blogspot.com/2012/09/indiereadathon-conclusion.html