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Megan Duncan YA Author
Falling From Eternity by Megan Duncan
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Book Review:
For William, life was as wicked and malicious as the beast he was trying destroy. Decades spent living a life of extravagance, domination and ravenous hunger haunted him. But when you live forever, the past never stays buried. And that which wishes to control you, will never let you go. William thought he found his escape, his one and only love, but the thing he fears the most could be the only thing that saves them. Or, it could doom them all.

I refused to let her go.”

I knew that if I lost her I’d lose myself and there would be no turning back from that.

 Anna's Review:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it for everyone to read especially if you like a good love story with some twists J

So William is a good vampire, who doesn’t want to live a life of savagery for all eternity. I love how you can tell he has a softer side by his feelings towards an elderly lady, Hazel. He really seemed to care for her and mourned her death when she died. It’s so sweet, I love it. This is how the book starts.

William works at the nursing and is really upset when they send another patient into Hazel’s room so quickly after her death. But, little does he know, it will be the best thing for him.

William is surprised to find a young girl, Autumn, in Hazel’s room.  Fortunately, William and Autumn take the time to get to know each and find that they like each other. Come to find out Autumn knew Hazel because Hazel took up time with her because Autumn is sick.

Now, William is facing challenges because he is fighting his vampire nature and he fights to save Autumn. Will he be able to help her? How will their relationship turn out? Well….read to find out.  It’s worth it J  

 P.S. Autumn’s favorite book was Where the Red Fern Grows. I used to love that. I cried every time I read it too.

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