Review: Madison by T.M. Knight

Madison by T.M. Knight
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I'm Taylor, and I'm just about to start my senior year of high school. What makes me special is my girlfriend, Madison. She's an actual angel. She can fly, she's super strong and she's nearly invulnerable. How do I feel about Madison? Most of the time I want to tear her clothes off, push her up against a wall and make her scream my name in ecstasy. Sometimes I just want to stare into her eyes. Into her soul. We have this perfect mix of love and sexual chemistry; a relationship for the ages. This is the story of how we met. Of how we fell in love. Of how my life changed forever.

Madison is a supernatural romance filled with tragedy, hope, espionage, sex, heartache and love.

For mature readers.

(Also published under the title: White Ops)

Madison is a great paranormal romance full of action, adventure, and love!

The book is told in Taylor's, the boyfriend, point of view which was refreshing.  There aren't many male perspectives in this genre, and it gave the story a much different perspective.  The narrating is very interesting.  In some parts of the story, Taylor will get on a soap box and talk to the reader directly about his opinion on different things.  This made me feel closer to the story.   Taylor was also a great character.  He has witty humor and a courageous spirit.  He was an easy character to fall in love with.  

I really like Madison's character.  She is the type of girl that goes after what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer.  Her supernaturalness gives her added responsibility, but she still has the attitude and wants of a teen.  

Madison/ White Ops is a very fast paced novel.  There weren't any lulls in the story or times when I felt the story was dragging.  It kept my interest with every page.  This pace did make the romance feel a little too quick.  Madison and Taylor fall in love very quickly, but with the actions later in the book the quick love didn't feel fake.  

I recommend this to any lovers of the genre especially if you're looking for a great book with suspense, drama and action scenes that will be painted in your mind.  

*for mature readers

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