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Glimmers by Barbara Brooke
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Book Description:
A simple touch and suddenly, Paige is in the past - living someone else's life, seeing the world through their eyes, and feeling their deepest emotions.

Paige used to think memories only existed in one's mind. But now, she knows better. She can't explain how or why, but she has glimmers: special moments that have remained behind - clinging to a letter, a ring, even a worn-out pair of boots.

When Paige returns from each glimmer, a small part of her has changed. Who is this gourmet cook, fashion designer, feisty lover? And how is she supposed to explain this to her family without them thinking she has completely lost her mind?

Paige thought her new talent was a gift, until…she was suddenly transported into her sister’s memory, and caught a glimmer of her secret life.

Take this humorous and romantic journey, as Paige learns about true love through the lives of three extraordinary women.

Runner-Up in the 2012 New York Book Festival (Romance)
Anna's Review:
I loved this book! It was written so well. When I first read what it was going to be about, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. But, it was fantastic. I enjoyed “glimmering” with Paige.

In this book, Paige can find herself living another person’s life just by touching things or doing certain activities.  Paige first begins to glimmer when she is in her kitchen. Paige is thrown into Delilah Jones’ life. Paige is taken on a romantic ride through Delilah’s love story with Will Berringer. Talk about awesome J. 

Delilah is an aspiring chef. She wants to open her own restaurants in the future, so she works for a local hotel to learn from some of the chefs there. After work one night, she goes to a local hang out and meets the one and only William. This is where the love story begins. However, It does not appear  that it will last longer than summer because, of course, they are from “different” worlds.

Paige finds herself back in her own life and Thinks that she is going crazy. And, I mean, Who wouldn’t.  But…..this story only gets better and better because her next glimmer is her sister’s story. Now, I don’t know about you but I have a brother and I think it could be cool to get a little “glimmer” into his life to a certain extent….some things I don’t want to know.

While Paige is looking into her sister’s life, She finds that her sister is not be completely honest with her. Hailey, the sister, is currently preparing to get married but there is another man in the picture. Juicy, right? But, I can’t tell you how that goes because you’re just going to have to read it. But here’s a little spoiler for you….At a restaurant opening, Paige gets to meet someone she never would have dreamed of. Okay, not much of a spoiler, but maybe you can guess. J
 I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I recommend that all you guys read it.

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  1. Heehee ~ this review made me smile :) Thanks so much!

  2. YAY! I'm so glad you loved it! I loved Delilah's bits the best, but the whole thing was so much fun!
    Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop and for your wonderful review!