Special Someone Saturday

A weekly meme hosted by The Reading Fish! So this weeks question is...*drumroll*

You were just given the wish to take one Book character out of the Book, and place them in your life....Who would be that character, and what role would they play in your life?

okay so I am pretty pathetic when it comes to Fisher Amelie's book, The Understorey, and her male lead, Elliot Gray.  Yah so if he and Jules weren't so blissfully happy right now... I would take him out of the book and he would be my boyfriend (husband to be ;)) hehe.  He is the most perfect Christian gentleman that ever walked the (novel) face of the earth! and in my head he is pretty HOTT too :D oh and we could totally re-create the library scene...okay so this isn't very Christian of me so I better stop! alright so does that fully answer your question?? oh ya and go buy The Understorey here and go check it out on my Favorites List.

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