Top Ten Authors I Want at My Thanksgiving Dinner

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish so we can share our lists!

okay so now for who i want to eat thanksgiving dinner with...
I have actually met these amazing authors, and so I would want them to come over for dinner because we had an awesome time in Savannah! I can't wait to see them again and wish they could just all come over for thanksgiving...The Paranormal Plumes

1. Tiffany King- (and Ashley :D) Author of Meant to Be and Forgotten Souls and soon the last book of the Saving Angels series  The Ascended will come out!!!

2. C.A. Kunz- (I want both Carol and Adam to be there...they are so much fun!) the mother and son duo that wrote The Childe

3. Laura Elliott- (and Candice) Author of 13 of Halloween and Winnemucca! I love them so much!

4. Fisher Amelie- Author of The Understorey she is just awesome...you might just have to talk to her to get it cause I can't fully explain

5. Michelle Leighton-Author of too much to list :) just go to her website 

6. Abbi Glines- (and her mom) Author of Breathe, The Vincent Boys, and on December 13th Existence will be coming out!

7. Nichole Chase- Author of Mortal Obligation (I haven't read it yet, but I here it's awesome definitely on my TBR list!) she is so awesome and her daughter is adorable

8. Amy Jones- Author of the Soul Quest Trilogy which are AMAZING you should really read them they were part of my Glassheart Chronicles mission and I really loved them

9. Michelle Muto-Author of Don't Fear the Reaper and The Book of Lost Souls

and my 10th who I haven't met for obvious reasons...
10. Jane Austen- (and Mr. Darcy) if you don't know who she is then you might have a serious problem, and you may need to go see my mom she is a counselor...oh and by the way Darcy is mine

everyone just needs to meet these Authors they are so AMAZING and the most AWESOME group of people EVER...ya'll should definitely join us next time we get together because we have a BLAST and how much fun is it getting to be friends with the masterminds behind these CRAZY AMAZING books :D


  1. Aw! Thank you so much! It's an honor!

  2. I AM awesome....awesomely grateful to be in this amazing post! Nyuck! Nyuck! But seriously, Tess, this is incredible! Thank you! I'm so humbled to be included! And oh, if Mr. Darcy is there, may I sit to his right? Can we manage that? So that he may turn to me and say, I don't know, something along the lines of..."Fisher, in vain have I struggled, it will not do. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." To which, I shall say, "Sir, you are too late. I am happily married, but if you must, please, take my hand and place a kiss to the palm. I believe my husband may just forgive me the indiscretion." Then Darcy will flee from the table, never to love again. Ahhhh....unrequited love. Sweet torture! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving, Tess!

  3. Tess,
    Thanksgiving hugs to you and your mom:) Candy's driving home to CA the day after Thanksgiving! Talk about a book:) *hugs* Can't wait for Florida.

  4. You have made my mother's day =) She loved being included!!! And I am honored. Can't wait until the next time chic.

  5. That's neat that you've met so many on your list! Sounds like it would be a very fun dinner!

  6. I have to say...I don't recognize any of your authors except Jane Austen. May have to do some research. Thanks for stopping by my list.

  7. I can't speak for Adam, what am I talking about, of course I can. We are sooooooo honored to be included on your list! We both think you are one AWESOME young lady and we love you and your mom tons. Tiffany and I were talking ,about you yesterday, hoping you will be able to come to Florida at the end of January. We sooooo hope so. Love you Sweetie :)

  8. You have an awesome top 10! Can I join you for Thanksgiving?

  9. Ohh Mr. Darcy...how I love you so lol Great list! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Interesting list! I haven't heard of most of these authors, so something to look into!

  11. Sadly, I haven't read any of these authors, but lucky for me one of my reading challenges is to try new authors!! Think I found some for my list :) Thanks for stopping by!