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Indie Revolution week with Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels is coming to an end so hurry up and enter the 2 giveaways! For the 2nd to last post I'm going to share with you an excerpt from Redemption (book 2 in the Night Marchers series) THEN tomorrow or maybe later today I will share with you the same excerpt in a DIFFERENT POV :O 
Goodreads Summary: He would endure a thousand deaths for her, but would she let him? Torn between two men that love her, Emma Townsend is forced to make choices no seventeen-year-old should ever be forced to make. With her friends at her side, Emma embarks on an adventure full of danger, deceit and betrayal as she tries to redeem Kai, the man who made the ultimate sacrifice for her. When Emma discovers that setting a Night Marcher free is no easy task, she is forced to make a very unlikely alliance. How far will Emma be willing to go to save Kai, and will she be able to do so before it's too late?

Excerpt from:
(REDEMPTION, The second Night Marchers novel.)
Kai's tattoo still stands out dark as night. My heart starts pounding, not entirely with fear though, more so with excitement. I force my eyes to look up now and I see his face. His beautiful face. I knew that I missed him but I had no idea how much. It's as if my heart leaps with joy at the sight of him and my body feels overwhelmed and excited in anticipation of touching him. I run towards him, but he doesn't turn to me. He keeps marching, eyes forward, focused intently on the back of the head of the soldier in front of him.
"Kai!" I yell out his name. I don't know if any of the other Night Marchers have turned to glare at me, I keep my eyes focused on him and him alone. He doesn't turn, but I can see his jaw clenched tight. Against my better judgment I run towards him.
"Kai!" I say out of breath from the sprint. I'm so close to him now that I can touch him. I reach out and grab at his arm. It's cold yet my hand doesn't pass through it like I would envision it would, being that he's basically a spirit. He still doesn't look towards me. Why won't he look at me? "Kai!" I yell in his ear and yank his arm so hard that his step falters and he can't help but look at me.
My breath catches and my arm drops from his as he stares at me, stepping away from the procession. He looks just like I remembered but different still. There is an eerie gleam to his skin that reminds me that he's not human anymore. His eyes are no longer completely grey. They are flaked with black specks starting at the pupils and heading outward. I shake my head as tears start filling my eyes. I'm too late!
"Emma." He says through gritted teeth. I look back into his eyes, hopeful when I hear him recall my name.
"Yes, Kai, I'm here. It's going to be okay. We will get you out I promise!" I say as tears spill down my cheek. I grab at his arm to try and drag him away with me, but he stands firm as if he's made of stone.
I look up into his eyes pleading with him to come back to me. As if the reminder of what we have together could free him from this eternal solitude that he's been condemned to. I don't know if I am just wishing for it, but I think I register a slight softening around his eyes. He's still in there! It was only for a brief flash of a second until his features harden and a look of anguish succumbs him.
"Em-ma." He says my name painstakingly so, as if it takes an overwhelming strength for him to force out the two syllables. The muscles in his body tense up almost to a point of which I think they might explode from within him. He stares at me and as if I'm hypnotized by his eyes, I stare back unable to look away even when it gets uncomfortable.
"R-un" He says through gritted teeth.
Run? I register a slow movement in my peripheral vision and realize that it's his arm moving, the one with the spear!
"R-u-n!" He says forcing the word out of his mouth. With his teeth clenched, a look of pure torture overtakes him.
Pulling my gaze from his might be the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I do it just as he takes his first step towards me. He looks like he's trying to advance against a hurricane. Every movement is counteracted with his suppressed will not to hurt me. He's fighting it! It's a good sign, but he's not strong enough. His hand slowly pulls the spear to where it's pointing at me now.
"Pl-ea-se!" He says urgently, eyes fixated on me.
Tears well up knowing that he can't hold back, he's fighting with all he's got, but he can't stop it. He can't stop the urge to try to kill me. I turn and run from him. I run as fast as I can into the forest and through the trees. I trip a few times but I pick myself back up. I can hear the snapping of tree limbs and foliage behind me. Kai is pursuing me! My heart starts pounding as I realize that this is a very real threat. He might not be able to hold back, I've struck a curse that I can't undo this time.
I don't know when I decided to do it, but I stop dead in my tracks. Something tells me that this is the only way. This is the way it should have been. Kai is a Night Marcher because of me and right now, I have a way to save him. If he kills me, I will switch places with him, freeing him from the prison I condemned him to.
I force myself to turn around slowly, my body is shaking like a leaf. My brain is telling me to run, but I'm fighting against it. I see the flame flicker behind a tree in front of me. It's time. I drop to my knees as Kai steps out from the cover of the tree. His eyes plead with me to run, but I just shake my head and look away, tears overflowing.
I hear him take a step, then another one. Each step takes several seconds. I know he's trying to fight it, but he can't help it.
"Itt's okkay." I manage to stutter out. I close my eyes and a moment later I'm sailing through the air. At first I don't realize what's happening but when I open my eyes, I see the landscape flashing past me upside down. The blood is rushing to my head making me disoriented and dizzy. I try to use my stomach muscles to sit up but it's no use. I realize that I'm hanging over someone's shoulder in a fireman carry as they run wildly away. I have no idea who that someone is.
I crane my head when I hear running feet behind us. Kai! He's chasing us. His face is contorted with anger now. His spear raises and I shut my eyes tight. If this is how it ends, I don't want to see it. A conch shell blows and I look up just in time to see him as he's pulled backwards away from us. It looks as if he's being sucked up into a vacuum. I look into his eyes, which only a moment ago showed anger, now they show worry and panic. I continue to watch him, straining my neck until I can see him no longer.
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