Interview with Jurek and Rykerian

Tonight I have a character interview for you with Jurek and Rykerian!!! Hope you enjoy the interview and the eye candy!!!

T: Thank you Jurek and Rykerian for joining me today! I know how uncomfortable this might be for you but y'all are both looking handsome today *smiles
J: Thanks for having us
R: Yes, thank you Tess for your kind invitation *scowls at Jurek*
T: How about we start off with telling those who haven't met you in Determinant a little about yourself?
R: Well, as you know, I'm a Guardian of Vesturon, sworn to protect the universe from the like of creatures such as him. *jerks head toward J*
J: *throws head back and laughs* Protects? Is that what you think you do?  Causes more problems is more like it! Really Rykerian, you can do better than that!
T: Now, now Jurek behave. y'all are suppose to be attempting to get along. 
Jurek (David Gandy)
Now Jurek why don't you go ahead and tell the lovely readers about yourself. 
J:  Tess, I'll do my best to behave around you.  I can't make any promises around you know who though. As for me, I'm just your everyday kind of guy.  *smiles*
R: Excuse me.  Ms. Watson, he will do anything except behave.  Furthermore, he is everything but an 'everyday kind of guy.'  He is a kidnapper, a scoundrel, and your worst nightmare.
J:  I resent that remark.  I am NOT a scoundrel.  Go and ask your mate!  She will tell you the truth.  I treated her with the respect she deserved, which is more than I can say for you!
R: *jumps to feet* Do NOT bring my mate into this you fool!
J:  Oh, who's the real fool now? All you Guardians think you are so high and mighty, when the truth of it is you are nothing but a bunch of bumbling idiots most of the time.  
R:  Bumbling idiots?  If we are such idiots, why is it we were the ones you called on to do your dirty work?
J:  If you had listened to me before, you wouldn't have to ask me that.  You know perfectly well the reason I came to you was because of your success in breaking your brother out of the Xanthian prison in the past.  Can we please put this behind us so Tess can have her interview?
Rykerian (Jessie Pavelka)
R: I hate to admit it but you are correct.  Please forgive me Ms. Watson.  Have you another question for me?
T: *mumbles* Oh deary what have I gotten myself into? 
Yes I have many questions for you…like how can y'all be so freakin' hot? Jk you don't have to answer that one unless you want to *raises eye brows* ;)
J:  So, Tess, you think I'm hot, do you?  Are you doing anything later tonight?
R: *clears throat* Ms. Watson, I highly suggest, in your best interest of course, that you decline Mr. Herdekian's offer.  I have it on good authority that he is quite the libertine.
J: Libertine? Oh for heaven's sake Rykerian, I asked the lady out for dinner.  What did you think I had in mind? You bloody Guardians will be the death of me yet.
R: That would be my pleasure, if I knew it would not upset my mate so much.
J: *growls*
R: Did you just growl at me?
J:  Yes, and you're quite fortunate that's all I did.
T: Well Jurek thanks for the offer but I'm thinking I may be a little young for you…
Maybe we can find a neutral topic to talk about…how about what is your favorite device thingy since y'all are so much more advanced in technology than us earthlings.
R: Brilliant, Ms. Watson.  My favorite device would be my shadar because it is can accomplish so many things.  It can teleport, it can be used as a communicator to store massive amounts of data when necessary, it is also an annihilator, it can assess a person's health status among other things.  There isn't much it cannot do.
J: The Vesturions are so primitive that they need devices to function.  Our species can do all of the above without any such devices. However, we do have a system we use called a transmuter that can transform a room into any room you would like it to be.  I use this technology on Lare-Stell base where we are limited on space. So, for example, my personal quarters can consist of a bedroom, bathroom, living area, dining area, when in reality, it is only one tiny room.  By the way Tess, you have wounded me.
T: Well I must say Jurek you were definitely NOT my favorite person in Determinant…it took me quite awhile to be able to tolerate you so we will just call it payback…
I think my favorite would have to be the doctor robots or maybe the jet ski/snowmobile things that can fly…
Anyway next question…out of all the planets and atmospheres and solar systems and all that is out there in the universe, what is your favorite?
R: I'd have to say Vesturon.  Of course, most will say I am biased. *scowls at Jurek* But, it is often said that Vesturon is much like Eden or paradise.  It is a truly beautiful place that can only be described after one has visited there.  Ms. Watson, I would ask that you speak to both January and Maddie about this, since they originated from Earth, they can attest to the true beauty of Vesturon.
J:  On this we agree. However, I would like to add that my home, which will remain undisclosed at this time, rivals the beauty of Vesturon.
R:  What, no snide comments? No rude gestures?
J:  As I said, I agree that Vesturon is a beautiful place.  What else would you want from me?
R:  Hrumph!
J:  Stop acting like an adolescent!
R:  I am not acting like an adolescent!
J:  Are too!
R:  Am not!
T: Oh dear I guess boys will always be boys, right?  Well we better wrap this up! Any last words to the readers Rykerian and Jurek?
J: I suppose it wasn't the best idea to have us both in the same room at the same time, but I must say Tess, you are quite the brave one to pull this off! 
R: Ms. Waston, please accept my apologies for my appalling behavior and that of Mr. Herdekian. Of course, one could expect no less from a Praestani.
J: You had to get that last dig in, didn't you Guardian?  Always the pompous ass.  

How HOT was that??? Were you able to read the interview with that eye candy staring at you? Well I hope so because this is definitely one of my favorite posts I have EVER had on the blog! Please tell me you are now convinced that you need to read Determinant!!! 

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