My Apologies :)

I thought I would just let you know what's going on and why I haven't been blogging much and have been MIA on twitter! 

I'm getting ready to move out and go to college! I leave this Tuesday and I'm really excited but currently I'm spending A LOT of time with my family and friends here since I won't get to see them much when I move away :( 

So I apologize to any authors who are waiting on posts and reviews...I promise they will be posted eventually! Probably sooner than later but right now I just don't have very much time!

and to the readers (especially those who have won giveaways) I will be just as blog crazy as I was before! and I will get the giveaway packages out soon! 

Oh and just in case you're wondering...I'm going to University of Georgia #randomfact


  1. Tess, your time with family and friends are precious moments, ones that can not be repeated, you never have to apologize for that. The good thing about books are they are frozen in time-they will be there when you are ready and able.

    Best of luck with your studies and your new adventures!!!

  2. Good luck with the school thing. I'm sure you'll love it. :-)

  3. Enjoy your time with family and friends! And good luck with this new chapter in your life! The rest will be there when you are ready.

  4. You are going to the university of Ga. cool. My sister went there and she loved it. :)I also go to college in Ga. good luck!