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Beyond the Eyes by Rebekkah Ford
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  “A thrilling, wholly satisfying first book to a new young adult series. It will keep you wanting more.” –Valentina Cano,  Carabosse’s Library
“Beyond the Eyes is haunting yet passionate. This breakout novel is quick and hip, a saucy must-read.”–Charles Land, Judas Pistol
 Paige knows evil exists in this world, but she never imagined it would want something from her.

After a ghostly voice whispers a haunting message to seventeen-year-old Paige Reed, Paige’s life takes a nightmarish turn. Unwilling to tell her friends about the supernatural occurrences happening in her life, Paige feels more alone than ever–until she meets Nathan Caswell.

Nathan is not only hot, but seems to peer into Paige’s soul, evoking a magnetic energy between them that cannot be denied. But he’s no ordinary guy. He tracks dark spirits, and becomes alarmed when they set their sights on Paige.

And then there are the two power-hungry dark spirits who believe Paige can find King Solomon’s magical ring for them, because when her father was alive, he was close to finding it. If Paige doesn’t comply with their demands, they’ll kill her.

Paige is forced to dig deep into her father’s past and unearths shocking secrets about him and his bloodline. With the past and present colliding, Paige is only sure about two things in her life: she needs to outwit the dark spirits to stay alive, and she’s completely and helplessly in love with Nathan.
Author Bio:
Rebekkah Ford grew up in a family that dealt with the paranormal. Her parents’ Charles and Geri Wilhelm were the directors of the UFO Investigator’s League in Fairfield, Ohio, back in the 1970s. They also investigated ghost hauntings and Bigfoot sightings in addition to UFO’s. Growing up in this type of environment and having the passion for writing is what drove Rebekkah at an early age to write stories dealing with the paranormal. At one point in her life, she thought she wanted to be a journalist, and although she enjoyed writing articles, she quickly discovered her real passion was writing fiction. Her fascination with the paranormal is what led her to write the Beyond the Eyes series. Visit her online and read her blog at http://themusingwriter.blogspot.com   
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Anna's Review:
“ I think you might be soul mates”  
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.  I love when a novel can get my emotions going and there is some mystery to it.  The story begins with a girl Paige having premonitions and remembering another one from her childhood. Soon she will meet Nathan and their relationship will take off.
I must say though…THIS RELATIONSHIP IS REALLY FAST!!!!!! Maybe they are soul mates but I mean wow!!! Within 24 hours they seemed to have known they were in love. .
This is so weird she hasn’t known this Nathan guy that long (about 3-4 days) but she has already broken up with him and wants to WEEP at the fact that Carrie gets teased by Matt and she thinks about Nathan calling her his sniper chick. I mean maybe she could be a little upset I guess but I mean this relationship thing…whatever it is… has only been going on for days not even a whole week. I’m just reading  the words I just want to say,”come on, really, it’s not the end of the world.” But I guess, I also have to remember that I have never met a supposed soul mate so it could be harder than I think. Altho ugh it is surprising, I think it is pretty awesome.  I would love to find the right guy and know he is right that fast.
Nathan gets into a fight with this guy Romulus and All I can think of is MAN, This guy can fight and What is he? What sucks is that Nathan and Paige are at their weakest when they are in “passion moments”. Therefore, they will always have to be very careful right and not just in the “protection” normal teenagers need (If you know what I mean). Very, very precautious in many ways *WINK WINK*

Later on we find that Nathan’s secret is none other than … Immortality!! (Come on, who wouldn’t like to be told they have a choice at immortality?)  Now Paige finds out that she also has a chance to be immortal too. She just has to choose it. So, now the question is will she?
Paige must face many obstacles and finds out more than she could ever imagine about her family.  As the story goes on, the pieces start to fall into place and the picture becomes clearer and Paige can finally put together some of her life and she realizes who her father was and finds out more about her heritage. But, of course, I can't give that mystery away... right? :)
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this novel and would recommend to everyone.



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