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You Got Me by Mercy Amare
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Roxy is broken
Aiden wants to fix her

No matter how hard Roxy tries to overcome her past, she can't. She writes on her arms to escape the pain, but nothing can sooth the ache that she feels.

Aiden didn't go to college to meet girls, he came to play football. Too bad that it is impossible for him to stay away from Roxy.

After meeting on the roof, they instantly feel connected, but neither of them are ready for love.

You Got Me is a story about new beginnings, and finding love when you least expect it.

You Got Me is a story of beautiful romance. Both Roxy and Aiden have to get past their past traumas, their hesitations, and fears in order for their relationship to work. For both of them this isn't an easy task, but they can't ignore the attraction that they've felt for each other since the first time they met. In You Got Me, Love prevails all and there is hope for Roxy and Aiden after all. 

The typical Love Story with a new twist. I love the connection that Roxy and Aiden have. It is so perfectly sweet and they couldn't be any more right for each other. Roxy is not your typically girl. Her style of all black clothes (with the occasional pink) and the pink stripe that she keeps in her hair makes her a little different. She is a loner and very content on spending all her time by herself. Well that is until Aiden shows up in her life to bring her out of her shell. Aiden accepts Roxy exactly how she is. He never tries to change her but instead does the opposite and helps her become more strong and confident in who she is. You can't help but love Aiden. He is the perfect book boyfriend. He's protective of Roxy and always seems to know what to say. They are exactly what each other needs and they can't deny that.

This is probably weird but I'm the kind of person that likes when the characters problems are deeper. In books, petty problems annoy me. Roxy and Aiden's struggles are definitely not petty. Roxy's mom is psychotic and messed her up pretty good throughout her childhood. In You Got Me, Roxy has to learn to actually live in life instead of just going through it. I love how Aiden was able to help her through it and how even though there were many problems between the two of them they could get through it together.

I think my point has been made about how I feel about the characters and before I sound like a broken record, I will just end it like this- I would recommend You Got Me to any of you out there that like a really sweet New Adult/Mature YA romance and believe that love prevails all! <3

P.S. it didn't suck ;) 

Side Note: Congratulations Mercy on all your Bestsellers ranks on Amazon!  I hope to see them still going up!  

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