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Digitus 233 by K.D. Emerson
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Digitus, the world’s dominant corporation, has studied human nature for centuries. They are experts who expand on a human’s natural gifts and talents to create supreme world leaders in all major areas of science, art, religion, music and leadership. A select few young adults are handpicked each year to join the elite.
As a final test of induction into Digitus, Zander’s team finds themselves ejected from a Learjet and land on a barren arctic island. They come together in an effort to survive and escape. Unfortunately, escape is short-lived when a nuclear powered, ballistic missile submarine rescues them, and a computer malfunction threatens an all-out nuclear attack on North America.
Time is running out as Zander’s brother Zeph struggles to uncover the truth behind the corrupt organization that holds the future of the world in its grasp.
Tick Tock.

Book Excerpt from Digitus 233 by K.D. Emerson
Transfixed in place, Zeph watched as four teenagers shot out into space and then one more time the door in the ceiling opened. He recognized his brother Zander as the airplane seat came through the opening and then propelled out into the blue and white sky. Whoa, how crazy is that? The Fantastic Four and my older brother just shot out of a perfectly good Learjet. In shock, Zeph stood staring numbly at the floor of the tube. Wait! That’s not normal! He slammed his hands against the tube and then froze in place; his mind whirled in panic. What kind of crazy camp was this? He understood survival camps, but this was nuts.
His heart thumped madly in his chest, pumping blood to his throbbing head. I have to do something! He forced himself to think. Those seats had to have parachutes. Obviously they weren’t killing those kids… were they?

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  1. Thank so much for featuring Digitus 233 on your blog. I am so grateful for your kindness.

    Kim (KD Emerson)

  2. Thank so much for featuring Digitus 233 on your blog. I am so grateful for your kindness.

    Kim (KD Emerson)