Double Trouble Weekly Rewind #1

The Weekly Rewind is a weekly post that Tabby @ Insightful Minds and I are going to start doing!  It is basically a post to update you on the posts, giveaways, and search terms on both of our blogs!  You will hopefully also get to know us a little bit better because we'll have life updates as well!

My Weekly Post Recap & Updates

  • 2012 Recap & 2013 Resolutions - what were your 2012 highlights? did you make any resolutions?
  • Bloggers Blog Tour
  • Blog Tour: Purgatory Reigns by L.M. Preston

  • I'm co-hosting the UtopYA 2013 Reading Challenge so you should sign up for that and I joined the New Adult Reading Challenge! I'm really excited for them both!

    Weekly Post Recap & Update from Tabby

    I am officially 16 weeks pregnant! Only 5 more months to go haha. June 21st seems to be coming faster than I want it to! We find out (HOPEFULLY!) on 1/25 what the sex of the baby is! In other news, I am FINALLY done with finals! I am on a week break and then classes start back up.. Hopefully I can keep up my 3.4 GPA.. I'm quite proud of it lol.

    Current Giveaways From Us Both

    Books Read &/or Started This Week

    Purgatory Reigns by L.M. Preston
    Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

    Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

    Weekly Search Terms

    5 out of the 10 Search Terms have something to do with Peacock Feather Bed Set- I'm thinking this has to do with the Guest Post I did with Chelsea Cameron that had pictures of how Chelsea saw Hunter & Taylor's bedroom.

    the forever of ella and micha releas... -now I'm really curious on what the rest of that says

    tessmw.blogspot.com - that is my url :)

    emily tenant hot & emily tenant age -guessing this has to do with dream casts


    1. I totally need to send you the brown one! I thought I had lol..

    2. Oh this is fun!! Can't wait to see more of these! You should've made it a linky so other people can post theirs as well! :P