Review: My Heart Won't Say Goodbye by Nancy Hopper

My Heart Won't Say Goodbye by Nancy Hopper 
Synopsis: Crista is a young Country Music entertainer, thrilled to be on her way up the music charts. She returns to her small home town to reforge relationships with family members and friends, as well as to face some painful memories. She incidentally finds a man who won't accept her explanation that music and romance don't mix. She has to decide how much risk she is willing to take, and whether she can deal with the complications that result. She leaves to go on tour and watch the details of her personal life play out publicly when the press gets wind of her new interest. When it all appears to be going the way she feared, can she cope?
Anna's Review:
I really enjoyed reading this book. Hopper really kept me on my toes. I kept telling myself what was going to happen when .... BAM.... nope that is not what is going to happen. I love when I guess wrong :)

Crista is a Country Music star who decides to return to what she knows as home. She has been gone for ten years and now wants to see it. This is where she will meet Mr. Dream himself, Campbell James. But, with any good story, you know that there is bound to be "trouble in paradise".

These two go through so many obstacles.. it made my head spin. I was so shocked. I felt so bad for them. Every time their relationship was doing good someone would either lie or their pasts would come back to haunt them.

Even with these hardships their relationship lasted and it was heartwarming to read. It showed just how much they loved each.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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