UtopYA Countdown Day 4

Today is a little different.  One of the wonderful cover designers that will be at UtopYA is joining me on the blog today.  Welcome Victoria Faye!

Hi Everyone!
I'm Victoria Faye of Whit&Ware Design - I'll be heading out to UtopYACON as a Panelist for Cover Design, and I am so freaking excited! *Silent scream* If you're going, look for me! I’ll be the girl with a big stripe of red in her hair!

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So. I was wondering what I could guest blog about for UtopyACON, and suddenly it hit me. I should write about "My Pathway to Book Covers" (Hello!) Appropriate, don’t you think? hehe ^.^ Thanks for the stroke of genius Tess!

A little backstory:
I haven't been doing cover design that long, but since I started doing it seriously, it’s been a roller coaster ride! My first cover was Tammy Blackwell's Destiny Binds, and get this, I had only done the artwork because I was such a big fan of her book. (SO GOOD. Go read it btw,) It was originally just FAN ART (I was fan-girling like a feind. Seriously. It was bad) Fortunately for me, Tammy loved the art so much, she asked me to do a cover. And then I did another. And then I did the whole series:

And then other people started asking me to do covers. I was like:

And then I started getting a lot of requests for covers and I was like, why haven’t done this sooner!?

And THEN, last summer UtopyACON asked me to be a design panelist. I was like:

After that, I got hooked up with so many amazing people that have helped me with my career, and all because I just love to read YA. Crazy right? Here are just a few of the covers I’ve done :

So this year, I because I have been able to do covers almost full time, I launched Whit&Ware Design, which was like a dream I thought I could never achieve. *Tearing*
These days, in addition to doing book covers, illustration and design work for authors, I also recently started doing covers for indie publisher Month9Books! They do nothing but YA and Middle Grade fiction, LOVE THAT! The books with the covers I have designed for them are going to be released in the fall. 

To celebrate the fact that my life has forever been changed by cover design, I am doing 3 special things. 

1. I am launching a brand new facebook page for my design work (debuting right here on My Pathway to Books first!)

Pretty Please Please Please, Go like it (pretty please), because it is essential for me to be able to do the next special thing:

2. I am staging a UtopyACON Bonanza!
I am doing HUGE UtopYACON Themed Giveaway at the end of the month featuring Amazon gift cards, awesome books, posters and more! All the announcements for that will be on my new facebook page!

In addition to that, in honor of UtopYACON, I am cutting pricing on ALL my design services (book covers, swag design, website/blog design and logos) FOR THE WHOLE MONTH (premade covers will be as low as $50…just saying) How’s that for a Bonanza?
3. Finally, special thing # 3:
YA Themed Premade Covers
Each week, I will release a series of themed premade covers featuring the stuff that we love love love to read in YA: Vampires, werewolves, shifters, faeries, fairytales retold, love triangles, the list goes on! Here’s a look at some of the covers I designed for this month-long event, and you can see more on my website. Each cover will have its own mini story too! Check them out on my new facebook page: www.facebook.com/whitandware

So that’s it for my guest post!
I hope you liked it and my little back story - “My Pathway to Book covers”.
Now I shall return to fangirling over all the amazing authors that I am going to meet!!! Eek! In just 23 days!!
(Oh no, I need to start shopping for the Awards night!)

UtopYACON 2013 is going to be SO amazing! I hope to see you there!
Till next time,
This Is Victoria Faye!
Thank you for hosting me Tess!

Thank you Victoria for sharing your Pathway to Book Covers!
Followers make sure you like her page and get your entries into the HUGE giveaway in!  Liking Victoria's new design Facebook page will get you an entry!

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  1. Victoria,I love the covers you did for Frankie :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked them! ^.^

  2. Beautiful designs! Looking forward to meeting you at UtopYA!

    1. Hey Natasha, Thank you!!!
      I'll have to find you for sure ^.^