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reEmergent by A.M. Hargrove
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Xarrid Yarrister is barely surviving...he’s living a life in hell.
The love of his life, Saylan, has vanished into thin air, and his telepathic powers can’t connect with her mind.

Saylan, a Guardian of Vesturon, doesn’t know herself anymore. Kidnapped by the Xanthians, she’s had a robotic chip implanted in her brain and is now a prisoner in her own body, lacking free will, at the beck and call of her cruel masters. 

For over a year Xarrid has been on the hunt. The Guardians have searched everywhere for her, but when they finally bring her home, Xarrid discovers her memory is gone. He’s determined to restore his love’s mind back to its healthy state. Removing the chip can cost Saylan her life, but doing nothing will cause irreparable brain damage. What choice will Xarrid make and how steep of a price will Saylan have to pay?

Review of reEmergent

*if you haven't read Survival, Ressurection, or Determinant, this review will be a spoiler!*

I can't believe this series is over!  When you follow a series from beginning to end there is almost this sadness when you read the final 'the end'.  Thankfully it was a great end that did not disappoint whatsoever.  I'm sad to see The Guardians of Vesturon series come to a close, but I got to say I was completely satisfied.

Poor Xarrid.  You can't help feel bad for him.  His mate was kidnapped in Determinant and they can't find her.  Luckily it didn't take to long to locate her, but once they did she didn't remember anything.  Xarrid and Saylan have to work really hard to get back what they once had, and her trauma from being kidnapped threatens them ever having that relationship back.

It was great getting a glimpse into the characters lives that I had fallen for in the previous books in the series.  Rykerion and January have a cute little toddler and Rykerion is still giving Jurek the death stare.  Rayn and Maddie get a nice little surprise.  Maddie is still as strong as ever when she insists to join the mission on Earth.

When I started the book I was like but A.M. what about Sharra?  She still doesn't have a mate and thats just wrong.  Little did I know she definitely did not forget about the only girl of the royal family.  Sharra and Zander have a great bond.  I love that the series has soulmates and Sharra finally ran into hers.  They are both powerful Guardians and a great match.

I love Jurek in this book.  Man I did not like him in Determinant he was a jerk most of the time and then I warmed up to him when I read the Dark Waltz.  In reEmergent he plays such a big role in helping the Yarristers.  I love that we get to see this soft side to him even though he still holds up his authority and domineering side too.  You get to see that his hardened heart still cares for others!  <3 Jurek.

The ending ends with many happily ever afters but does leave some room.  I can't wait to see where Hargrove goes with the Praestani Series (starting with Dark Waltz).  I still think Tesslar should end up with me!  I mean how perfect would it be?  Tess <3 Tesslar ;)

*5 Stars*
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