UtopYA Countdown with Chelsea Fine

Today I'm SUPER excited to have one of my favorite authors EVER, Chelsea Fine, on the Countdown to UtopYA.

We got to meet last year, and I was a TOTAL fan-girl.  I just can't tell you enough that if you haven't read her books you really need to!

Anyway today's post she did a VLOG!  I'm so excited and I hope you are TOO!

Check it out!

Four Lessons I Learned At UtopYA Con Last Year

Rule #1: Don't wear a strapless maxi dress to the airport
Rule #2: Don't wear ridiculously high heels on the first day
Rule #3: Double check which country's flag is on your T-shirt
Rule #4: Don't chew gum when on a panel

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  1. I love Chelsea Fine!! Please please please. Bring back with you her Archer and Avalons Series from the UtopYA Con! :))

  2. Whoop whoop! Geaux, Chelsea~ :D <3

  3. Chelsea rocks and so do her books!!