Excerpt from Focused by Michelle Pennington

Today I have for you an excerpt from Focused, book 2 in Michelle Pennington's True Images Series. 
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Finally able to run, I took off into the grey world around me. The sky was the same color as the pavement beneath my feet as night fought to hang on a few minutes longer.  
I kept my pace slow for a while to ease my body into the run, but with the even, familiar rhythm of my steps came thoughts I wanted to keep blocked out. In my mind, I relived the torment of helplessness and fear that had clenched me when I’d first seen the photo of Sienna being loaded onto an ambulance. Trapped on a bus an hour away from her, I’d had nothing to do but wait.
Just like now. 
My steps unconsciously picked up speed. It was a while before I realized that I was running without pacing myself and going faster than I’d intended. I recognized some of the landmarks around me and wondered how I’d come so far so quickly. I forced myself to slow down and focus on my music to keep my mind from straying again. 
Usually, running was a fluid, almost unconscious exercise for me. Now, each step was jarring and the cold air burned in my lungs. I refocused on regulating my breaths and fought to ignore the protests from my muscles. I began to realize how stupid I’d been to run this far. I’d played a basketball game only 10 hours ago and I hadn’t slept or eaten since. But running had always helped me control my stress, so I’d pushed myself to do it. Now I had run far enough that it was going to be hard going to get back home. Still, I would make it and maybe I’d be so exhausted that I’d finally get some sleep before I went to see Sienna.
In the struggle against my body, I’d let down the wall that blocked off my thoughts. I saw Sienna’s white, bloodied face in my mind again. It had kept me from sleeping and now it flamed the heat of my anger to scorching once more. It gave me the energy I needed to push for home, but the whole purpose of this run was to control my temper – not let it consume me.
As I ran, I ceased to exist as I drowned in sea of red thoughts. No longer bound by the pain of my body, I flew down the empty streets towards home. If I breathed, I never knew it. If I touched the ground, I never noticed. I didn’t see the houses I passed, the driveways, or the street lights. I only saw Caleb’s face, sneering and taunting me with my decision. 
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