UtopYaCon VLOG

Heather @ SupaGurlBooks and I decided to give the low down on what was going on!  BUT we couldn't shut up so....we recorded 2 Vlogs :)
The first one is more about the actual convention...
The second one we are just fan-girling about the authors!

sorry about these videos...all I do is laugh OBNOXIOUSLY!!!! and I apologize and then I was accidentally looking at Heather with this disgusted face...BUT I L.O.V.E Heather so I don't know why I was making that face :/ 

Check us out tomorrow too...where we will ramble some more! 


  1. You both are SO funny!!
    Thank you for doing the vlogs!! For the ones that couldn't go, as myself, it was great to have an internal view of the con. And if you let me say it, yours was a wicked funny view! ;)
    I really enjoyed watching you and finally putting a voice to your tweets! :)