Interview with Heather White & Giveaway

Today, the last day of Heather Week, is an interview with Heather White, herself :O.  I know so cool, right?  She's super awesome!  I actually had a hard time coming up with questions to ask her since I know lots about Heather since she's a friend of mine and stayed with me for a week.  so just to warn you some of this interview is a little crazy...we decided to give you a little glimpse of our craziness.  Without further adieu here's Heather!

What inspires you?
NOS - I swear without it I can't write! Also, lately I've been into listening to music. Songs write a story, and they give me ideas... Also, I get inspired while reading other books. :)
Of all the books you have written, Do you have a favorite scene? 
Heather and I at the lake!
That is easy. In Redheads are Soulless - whenever Sofia sneaks into Robbie's room, and they share their first kiss... That scene is my favorite :) So steamy.
Was that the easiest scene for you to write?
Again, see about. I literally wrote this scene from my iPhone in the middle of the night and emailed it to myself. It just came to me.
Where do you like to write?
On the beach, listening to the waves crash and the smell of salt water fresh in the air...

Ok, honestly, I write in my dining room, bedroom and living room. And I daydream about being on the beach lol. Someday!
What do you listen to when you write?
A lot of different artists ranging from: One Direction, Justin Bieber, Flyleaf, Adele, etc. :) I love all music. Except country ;) hehe
Tell us about your WIP.
Well, I am currently calling the book "Don't Tell"... It may change, but I'm liking it a lot. It's about a girl named Lucy and a boy named Ian. Lucy has a hard life, and Ian is the pastor's son. It's a super cute book, but I can't tell you anymore :P You will just have to wait and see!

How did you get so awesome?
I fell out of the AwesomeTree when I was a kid... But seriously, it's just comes naturally.
How much do you love Tess and Georgia?
Georgia was HOT... But it was sooooo much fun being there with Tess! Tess is kind of weird, but at least she showers! :P We had a blast, and I can't wait to go back!
What would be your dream date?
I get to live out my dream dates in my books :) ... To me, I love theme parks! I love water! Anything on the beach, bowling, skating, riding roller coasters... I'm so easy to please ;)
Remember all those times your hijacked my twitter while you were here? You definitely always have poop and farting on the brain.  How about you tell us about your bowel movements?
I pooped this morning.

And yes, how could I forget the times I hijacked your twitter.... But I was teaching you. Make sure you log out in college!

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  1. Umm... Tess, I thought you were joking about the bowel movement question.

    That. Is. Embarrassing.

  2. That was my favorite scene too!! I was like OH! FORBIDDEN KISSES! Nothing is steamier dude, nothing! :)