Guest Post & Giveaway: Storm of Arranon

Today I have a special Guest Post to share with you from R.E. Sheahan!  She talks about the mystical animals in her book-Storm of Arranon!  You still have a few more days to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post! AND now I'm going to shut up and let her take over!

Guest Post from R.E. Sheahan:
First, I want to thank you Tess for giving me the opportunity to submit a guest author post, an excerpt from my book, and an interview!
I anxiously await your review of Storm of Arranon!

I considered writing this guest post about the book itself. The adventures of Erynn, a young woman stranded on a strange and dangerous world, Arranon. Repetitive. This information is available on my website, Goodreads, and everywhere the book is listed for sale.
Or maybe I could tell a little about Erynn herself and the secret that separates her from everyone else at Academy on Korin. Kinda already been done, too.
Then there’s Jaer, the Anbas Warrior of Arranon, sworn to defend Erynn, whether she wants him to protect her or not. Again, a previous  post on a website.
Faylen was also a possibility for a post. The alien soldier, shaped from childhood into a physically powerful killing machine. Sent to find and capture Erynn and force her to use her abilities to advance the enemy’s invasion of her worlds. A new idea, but the possibility to spoil some surprises kept me from writing about Faylen.
These thoughts led me to a group of characters that often go overlooked. 
The animals.
I love animals. Dogs, horses, cats, all animals, domestic and wild. That’s why in writing Storm of Arranon I felt it was important to have animals play a significant part in the story. Even if they are from another world. They gave me the occasion to expand my protagonist’s-Erynn’s gifts. For her to grow as a person, and as a heroine. 
I was also able to conceive of and create some very cool creatures! 
So, without any spoilers, let me introduce the feathered, winged, or furry and four legged cast.
Aleuns, basically, they’re birds.
Asador are elk like animals, with wide antlers, but overall, they are bigger than an average elk by a couple hundred pounds.
Caporas are horses. Large, muscular horses with thick hair, long manes and tails. The draft horse would be a good fit.
Centinents. A generality for insects, winged or crawly. 
Katjaramuud. Hmmm. Picture a bobcat, only as big as a bear, and carnivorous, top of the food chain, including humans.
Maejen. Wolves, intelligent, cunning, and deadly. Again, much larger than earthly wolves.
(A by-the-way note here. Everything on Arranon is super-sized!)
Meerats. Easy, think rat and all that goes with that thought.
Meervorines, they are a little less straightforward. More a combination of a mole and a wolverine, but again, bigger, the size of a pig. Lots of teeth, beady yellow eyes, and razor sharp, clawed paws. But like moles and wolverines, they live underground and are not at all friendly.
Mwirr, an octopus like creature that only receives a brief mention. 
Well, there you have the animal characters.
A little something that is not widely known and has never been discussed, except in the book is . . . Erynn communicates with the animals of Arranon. Only she doesn’t always know how to go about this, often complicating an already challenging situation. Shhhh!

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