Guest Post: Amber Garr

Today we have a guest post from Amber Garr all about how she gets her ideas for her books!  Don't forget to enter that super awesome giveaway!  Now I'm going to hand over the post to Amber Garr...cue applause

Where Did That Come From?

As a reader, I am often curious how authors came to create the characters, scenes, and series that have captured my interest.  Why did they choose a succubus?  Why tell a story about a girl with a toxic touch?  What would I do if I found out vampires were real?

I’ve read interviews where authors reveal that their ideas evolved from a dream or a class they once took about mythology.  Characters are often based on people in their lives, or a combination of traits from people they once knew.  I always find it interesting to hear how the muse speaks to others, so I’d thought I share a little bit about my writing process.

Why did I decide to write about a mermaid?  It’s no secret, I used to wish I was a mermaid as a girl (okay, I still think it would be cool), and with my love of the water and a knack for science, being a marine biologist was about the closest I could get to it.  I have also been a lifeguard, synchronized swimmer, and SCUBA diver, so incorporating an underwater world into my books seemed like an obvious choice.  Plus…mermaids and selkies are just plain awesome!

But that’s not usually how the first idea sparks.  I am a very organized type of person so I need to start from the beginning with every story no matter how long.  The first thing I visualize/see/dream is the opening scene, and often it is the very first line.  Promises (Book One of The Syrenka Series) was not the first book I wrote and there were several other stories before that.  Every one of them began with an errant thought I had during the day where I suddenly visualized an opening scene.  I carry my zombie notebook with me wherever I so I can catch those moments as they arise (ha!  Book Three of The Syrenka Series).

So writing about mermaids and selkies was something different than vampires and werewolves (not that I’m not a fan), and they live in world I wish I could share.  But writing about Eviana’s story began with a vision of two words spoken at the end of the chapter one: “I promise.”  That’s it!  Two words turned into a trilogy!

Now my zombie notebook is full of ideas for Eviana, Kain, and Brendan.  Most made it into the books, but some may have to come out in later stories.  And I already have the first line planned!

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