My Fairytale Life Tour: Review

If any of you have been following this blog tour, you would know that this review was suppose to be done a few days ago.  I apologize for just getting it up now.  School got uncontrollably busy the past few days, and I couldn't even write a coherent thought, so I figured I would wait to write this review so it would make sense instead of writing crap just to be on time! Now for the book!

My Fairytale Life
by Heather White
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Summary (Goodreads)
17 year old Jadyn and her dad are vampire hunters. That is until her dad decides it's time for Jadyn to have a "normal" life. When he moved them to Miami, Florida the last thing Jadyn expected was for there to be vampires.

Jadyn doesn't want to have a normal life, but then she starts to make new friends. She starts to think that maybe a normal life might not be so bad after all. But soon she realizes that maybe her friends aren't "human" as she once thought they were.

On top of everything else a very powerful vampire, Tabatha, seeks revenge on Jadyn. People from her school start disappearing, and people start dying. She wants to stop the deaths, but Tabatha has other plans for her.

Can Jadyn stop the one vampire that is impossible to kill before its too late?

I really enjoyed this read, so much that I flew through it!  I read it so quickly that I barely have memories of reading it at all.  Except the fact that I know Jadyn, Beau, and Jeremy's story...

This book wastes no time!  You are thrown right into the plot right when you open to the Prologue so get ready!  It really grabbed hold of my attention which was one of the reasons I loved this book! It didn't feel like a single moment was wasted, and something big was always happening.  Either the book moves fast or I was just reading quickly, but I felt like I was in fast forward throughout the book, so it kept me on my toes.   

The characters are quite awesome as well.  You have Jadyn your M.C. and she could be considered a heroine.  Well first of all, how could you not be when you kick evil vampire's butts?  She is also the independent, self-sufficient type which is my kind of female lead!  She is forced to live a normal life which irks her until she meets some guys (Don't hot guys seem to always be making things better?).  Guys is in the plural which means...LOVE TRIANGLE...now for me I like a well written love triangle which this is one.  Beau and Jeremy are both smokin' and yah not human!  Cause what fun are humans in a paranormal book?  I really love Erica.  She is the friend Jadyn kind of stumbles upon.  I'm glad Jadyn doesn't only have to rely on guys to save the day! (I must confess I mostly like her cause she reminds me of my best friend in high school also named Erica).  and oh boy you got an evil character in Tabatha!  Im excited to see all these characters develop more in book 2~well except for Tabatha she can go ahead and die.  

Now lets talk about the killer ending.  When I say killer, I mean I am still hanging on the cliff with my pinky aka this book does end in a cliffhanger~a pretty major one actually.  It's one of those books that you keep pressing the next button waiting for your kindle to obey by going to the next non-existent page.  I actually tried that~ FAIL!  This ending climax is epic, and I really can't wait for book 2! AHEM Heather write faster! 

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